Dr Suh I Fru Norbert

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Biography :

Dr. Suh I Fru Norbert holds a PhD in Political Science and is Assistant Lecturer of Political science in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Laws and Political Science of the University of Buea, South West Region, in Cameroon. He is also Senior researcher in the Centre for Study and Research on Administrative and Political Dynamics (CERDAP) of the Faculty of Laws and Political Science of the University of Yaounde II, Soa and is Fellow of the African Science Leadership Program (ASLP). He holds an administrative position as Head of Service for Personnel and Administration in the University Institute of Wood Technology of the University of Yaounde I.

His area of research interest is government and politics from the perspective of glocalization (the influence of universalizing and particularizing tendencies on political attitudes and behaviours).  Specifically, he is concerned about issues of insecurity and political violence as more or less threats to freedom of political participation and engagement in Africa. From a pedagogic perspective and within the framework of his research, he tries to discover ways of protecting and decriminalizing politics in a complex world. He is author of several publications in scientific peer reviewed journals.

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