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Biography :

Daniel A. Nkemleke is professor in English language and linguistics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) , University of Yaoundé I. He is an Alexander von Humboldt (Germany) and William J. Fulbright (USA) scholar, and currently runs an academic mentorship network involving scholars and junior scientists from five countries in Africa and Germany ( He is an award winner of the Humboldt Alumni Prize for Innovative Research Initiative in 2014. He is Head of the African component of Our Mythical Childhood (OMC) Project—an EU-funded research which aims to investigate the reception of classical antiquity in children’s and young adult’s literature/culture in response to regional challenges. His major research interest is compilation of databases in linguistics, and analyzing and comparing these texts for teaching academic writing at tertiary level. His publications in major international peer-reviewed journals cut across linguistics, academic writing, English language teaching, African culture and literature. He is Chair of the Department of English at ENS Yaoundé. He has supervised 4 PhD theses to completion (from Tanzania and Cameroon) and is currrently supervising 5 (from Cameroon).

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Call for Proposals for contributions to Teaching English in ...
2020-09-09 - Prof. Dr Nkemleke A. Daniel
This is a major book project to be published by John Benjamins. We are interested in having a cross-view from Africa on the practices of ELT in tertiary education and/or other sector of education. Please read the CFP ADs and send an absract !!!
Conceptual and practical issues in the design and teaching o...
2020-09-09 - Prof. Dr Nkemleke A. Daniel
This present chapter surveys a range of academic writing programmes across four State-own universities in Cameroon, to establish the extent to which (academic) writing courses center on basic requirements of addressing issues of local coherence linke...

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Tesol international: how to teach courses on whatsapp
Published on 2020-08-03 By Prof. Dr Nkemleke A. Daniel

Dear All,
please visit TESOL International to read our recent paper on how we managed to teach a writing course on WhatsAPP at the time of coronavirus.
Please tell all your colleagues about it and spread the word.