Dr Marcel Jaff Fornkwa

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Biography :

Marcel Jaff Fornkwa holds a PhD in English Language. He is an Assistant Lecturer of English at the University of Bamenda, Cameroon. His main focus of research is on Genre Analysis; the study of situated linguistic behaviour in institutionalized or professional settings. He is particularly interested in analysing academic and professional genres in Cameroon English. He defended his PhD thesis in 2015 on the topic: “A genre analysis of book blurbs in Cameroon English”. He has equally published four articles in international journals. He has attended and presented papers in six local and international conferences. He is currently working on two articles: one on the lexical features of book blurbs in Cameroon English, and the other on sentence patterns in book blurbs in Cameroon English. His next research project will be examining interdiscursivity in Cameroonian ESL textbooks, with a focus on genre-mixing, genre-bending and genre-embedding.

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