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Biography :

Joseph Nguemo Kengmo is currently Assistant Lecturer of French (socio)linguistics and Translation at the Department of Bilingual Letters of the University of Maroua in Cameroon.

Born in Cameroon, he went to school in Lycée de Kekem where he obtained a Baccalauréat A4 Allemand in 2008. He continued his studies at the University of Dschang and obtained a Bachelor of Art in Trilingual Letters (French-Anglish-German) in 2011. In 2014, he defended his Master II dissertation entitled “Le discours de la naturopathie dans la ville de Dschang : une analyse sémiodiscursive” at the University of Dschang, under the supervision of Professor J-J Rousseau Tandia Mouafou.

In 2018, he followed a postgraduate programme in translation and interpretation at the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) of the University of Buea. In 2019, under the supervision of Professor J-J Rousseau Tandia Mouafou and Jean-Benoît Tsofack, he defended a Ph.D dissertation entitled “Une analyse du discours sur la santé et ses stratégies commerciales au Cameroun : le cas de la médecine traditionnelle” at the University of Dschang.

For years (2011-2016) he taught German in several secondary schools including Lycée d’Apouh, Lycée de Djeu, Lycée de Bamengui, French language in Lycée de Lingang Foto, Lycée Technique de Kekem. In 2016, he also taught French language in IUG-ISTA-ISA. Since 2018, he is freelance English/German>French translator.

His main domains of interest include, but are limited to sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, language use in context, bilingualism and intercultural communication.

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