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Biography :

Apuge, M. E. (2010). “Wh-Operators and Movement Patterns.” Kaliao Vol. 2 (3) 155-168.

Apuge, M. E. (2012). “The DP Structures in Akoose: Head-First or Noun Initial”. In M. Munkaila and B.

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             Sciences , 4 (5), 100-113.

Dili Palai, C. and Apuge, M. E. (2013). Language, Literature and Education.  Paris: L’Harmattan.

Apuge, M.E. (2017). Object Shift in Akoose: Case Deficiency or Agreement Requirements?  Psychology

             Research, June 2017, Vol. 7, No. 6, 318-329. Doi:10.17265/2159- 5542/2017.06.002

Apuge, M.E. (2017). The semantics of focus constructions in Akoose. People: International Journal of Social

            Sciences, 3(2), 879-898.

Research Interests

Syntax, Applied Linguistics and Phonetics.

Current Projects: Language Documentation

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