Call for Proposals for contributions to Teaching English in Higher Education in Africa volume

Published on 2020-09-09 By Prof. Dr Nkemleke A. Daniel


This is a major book project to be published by John Benjamins. We are interested in having a cross-view from Africa on the practices of ELT in tertiary education and/or other sector of education. Please read the CFP ADs and send an absract !!!


The purpose of writing this book is to create a platform for African language scholars to cross fertilise ideas and share practical experiences of engagements with English language teaching and learning in order to seek a wider response through a transdisciplinary, multi-cultural approach to tackling the challenges of teaching and learning English in the ESL contexts. The book takes a disciplinary or course approach in which it targets the core fields of English from lexicology, phonology, syntax, semantics and the allied fields of pragmatics, discourse analysis, stylistics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus/computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics, computer mediated/assisted learning, to the literary fields of prose, drama, poetry, and oral traditions.  The book has three objectives. First, the book examines the applicability and productivity of the universally established theories and methodologies of teaching English. Second, it explores the practices of teaching English to reveal its challenges in the multi-social, multi-linguistic, and multi-cultural contexts of Africa. Third, it discusses the resources of teaching/learning English - the social environment; the human materials – teachers and their capacities; the non-human materials - books, curricula, lectures/notes; educational policies/administration; and computer resources.  Each chapter is estimated to be about 8,000 words in length, inclusive of a 200-word abstract. If you are interested, we ask that you send us an abstract (200 words) by the end of August, 2020. We look forward to hearing from you.  


Book Editors Professor

Alexandra Esimaje, Centre for Language Research and English Proficiency (Clarep)

 Professor ‘Demola Jolayemi, University of Africa, Toru-Nigeria

Professor Dominica Dipio, Makerere University, Uganda

Professor Daniel Nkemleke, University of Yaounde, Cameroon


Contact Addresses:  and 

Professor Alexandra Esimaje, Centre for Language Research and English Proficiency (Clarep)